Healthcare Benefits

Pürlin's Zero Laundry - Zero Waste® Linens simplify your facility operations while providing your residents with a hypoallergenic and comfortable sheets and pillowcases.

Warm morning sunlight shines over a freshly-made bed

Allergen and Disease Transmission Control
are Top Healthcare Industry Priorities

If traditional laundering methods do not maintain precise controls of the water and drying temperatures,  as well as the injection of chemical disinfectants, then harmful bacteria and other pathogens will survive the washing process.

Pürlin® protects your residents by providing your facility with hypoallergenic linens that are free of detergents, dyes and chemicals. Purlin linens are 100%  recycled via an intensive heat process converting them into a liquid form in which it is impossible for bacteria and other pathogens to survive.

Pürlin's Closed-Loop, Patented Recycling System:

The Pürlin linens are delivered to the healthcare facility, ready to use. After use, they are collected by the housekeeping staff, placed in a designated area within the Housekeeping Department, then picked up and taken to be 100% recycled.


“U.S. hospitals are water hogs, using an average of 570 gallons of water per staffed bed, per day... with water and sewer rates rising between 5 and 10 percent every year in many parts of the country, investments in hospital water efficiency programs can provide attractive returns.”

Jennifer Silvis,Healthcare Design Magazine