Healthcare Benefits

Pürlin's Zero Laundry - Zero Waste linens simplify healthcare facility operations while protecting patients with hypoallergenic, clean, single-use linen products.

Warm morning sunlight shines over a freshly-made bed

Allergen and Disease Transmission Control
are Top Healthcare Industry Priorities

If traditional laundering methods are not properly followed, including precise control of water and drying temperatures, injection of measured amounts of chemical disinfectants, and minimizing exposure to environmental contaminants, harmful bacteria and other pathogens may survive the washing process and place patients at risk for disease transmission or cross contamination.

Pürlin® products protect patients by providing healthcare facilities with single-use, hypoallergenic, clean linens that are free of detergents, dyes and chemicals. Linens are delivered vacuum-sealed, in ready-to-use packs that protect from environmental exposure. Pürlin® linens are 100% recycled via a heat-intensive melting process through which bacteria and other pathogens are unable to survive.

Pürlin's Closed-Loop Patented Recycling System


Pürlin® is a Zero-Laundry Zero-Waste™ linen system that is 100% recyclable. Pürlin® linens are delivered in vacuum-sealed, ready-to-use packs applied to patient beds. After single-use, linens are collected and disposed into Pürlin®-specific receptacles for recycling in the EVS department. Pürlin® transports used products to the recycling plant, where they are melted at 510℉, ultimately reconstituting linens into plastic pellets that are then subsequently used to make new fibers into new Pürlin® products.

Environmental Impact

Per the CDC Statement on Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health Care Facilities (published 2023, p.113-118 and 153-154):

  • The US launders an estimated 5 billion pounds of health-care facility items annually
  • Laundries are the largest users of water in the hospital

○50-70% consumption of total hot water used

○10-15% total energy consumption of hospital

  • “Hygienically clean” laundry carries negligible risk to healthcare workers and patients, provided that the processes of flush, main wash, bleaching, rinsing, souring, drying, pressing, and packaging are followed properly

Pürlin® products and the Closed-Loop Recycling System have multiple positive environmental impacts:

  • Water and energy savings
  • Eliminates wastewater production
  • Recyclable fibers reduce textile waste disposed in landfills

“U.S. hospitals are water hogs, using an average of 570 gallons of water per staffed bed, per day...with water and sewer rates rising between 5 and 10 percent every year in many parts of the country, investments in hospital water efficiency programs can provide attractive returns.”

Jennifer Silvis, Healthcare Design Magazine