Hotel Benefits

The Pürlin® Closed-Loop Patented Recycling System will integrate seamlessly into the hotel operation.

Front desk of a hotel reception area

Pürlin® linens are delivered to the hotel ready-to-use. No washing, drying, ironing, or folding necessary!

Pürlin's Closed-Loop Patented Recycling System:

Pürlin® linens are delivered to the hotel, ready-to-use. After use, they are collected by the housekeeping staff, placed in a designated area within the Housekeeping Department, then transported to be 100% recycled into additional product.

At the Hotel

Pürlin® sheets and pillowcases are utilized in the same manner as traditional cotton-based linens. However, unlike cotton-based linens, the housekeeping staff will not be required to wash and fold Pürlin® sheets prior to use. Pürlin® linens arrive to the hotel in vacuum-sealed packages which contain neatly folded, ready-to-use, hypoallergenic, clean linen sets.

For Housekeeping Staff

The housekeeping staff removes used linens from the beds, and deposits them into designated Pürlin® recycling bins in the hotel laundry area. Rather than being loaded into commercial washers, dryers, iron press, and folding machines, Pürlin® linens are processed for transport to the recycling plant, where they are melted and 100% recycled for use in the manufacturing of additional Pürlin® products.

Linen Replacement

The percentage of damaged and worn linens has rapidly increased over the last 10 years. The average hotel now replaces between 25-35% of their total linen inventory each year.

There are two primary factors responsible for the accelerated loss of traditional cotton-based sheets:

  1. Toxic chemicals added to the wash. In addition to the detergents and bleach required for washing and sanitizing, hotels add harsh chemicals designed to destroy bugs and kill germs, residuals of which can remain embedded in the fabric and cause the fibers to prematurely deteriorate and fray.
  2. Permanent stains caused by waterproof make-up. Due to technological advances, the cosmetic industry now offers waterproof make-up products that are difficult to gently wash away from skin, and nearly impossible to remove from white hotel linens.

Bypassing these laundering and maintenance issues, Pürlin® eliminates the costs associated with replacing damaged and worn linens.